School ERP Description

School management and administrative software provides a comprehensive solution for the management to manage the school function very easily.It is very easy to operate and implement.School Management ERP increases efficiency and productivity.

We have developed this software after conducting in-depth research invarious schools.Our product is very cost effective, user friendly and secure.A school management software performs numerous tasks to ease the burden of managing a school.There are several advantages of using a school management software. like efficiency in work, time saving,reducing the workload of administration department.These are some modules of this software like admission process,attendence, fee collection, examination result, detailed report and attendance of students.

These are some modules--


All the information related to expense are available in this module.All the transactions are encrypted and secured in the database.


Unique Id to every employee with Unique Username and Password .Employee details are available.Through ID employee can get every information.


it maintains the student’s fee details, dues dates send reminder to their parents .With the help of this software, school can easily manage student fee collections and maintains fees related data.


Manage student activities and behavior management.Students admission and details can be available very easily.


Payroll Software is designed to make payment easy and effortless for the educational institutions .


This software provide computorised report card of every ward with ID,Image.And provides detailed reports of individual student.


Software provide digital library credentials to students.It helps to keep the records of total transactions of the books in the library.


Software generates automatic unique time table for each section of the class.User-friendly hence reduce the time involved in generation of time table .


Account management is one of most important part of the financial activity of any school. This module helps in maintaining profit & loss accounts,create vouchers, daybook, cashbook, journal, balance sheet and much more.

Benefits of using school ERP software:

1.Save paper & reduce teacher workload.
2.Single software to manage all School-related information from anywhere in the School.
3.Userfriendly and easy to use .
4.Completely reliable and secure software.
5. Cost efficient and time saving.
6.Transparency in every department.
7. Parents can get all academic information about their wards through the internate.
8.Increase daily productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage schools daily work and accurately organize school data etc.

1.INR 75000 + INR 13500(18%GST) = INR 88500 Only.


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